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Summer came early

It's been unseasonably warm here over the past month or so, totally transforming the countryside around us. We have spent some time exploring Cahors (the capital of the Lot department) and the lush Lot Valley which is dominated by glorious vineyards. Around 45 minutes from the gite, Cahors is really worth a visit, with its maze of tiny streets, fabulous old market and famous 14th century bridge, all making for a relaxing day out. There are also plenty of restaurants, shops and cafes (although only just reopening post coronavirus lockdown).

Heading west along the Lot river, you will find hundreds of vineyards - you'll be spoiled for choice! Most offer free tasting and sell direct to the public. Our favourite is in Douelle, just a few miles out of Cahors. Records show that vines have been here for over 2000 years. Nowadays, the dominant grape variety is Malbec and the area is renowned in France for its excellent wine.

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