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Dog walks in the Dordogne Valley - All the way down, and all the way back up 'Mount Masclat'!

This 6km 100m elevation walk starts with a steep descent and then is mainly flat or a gentle uphill climb. It starts directly from the gîte, passing mostly along country tracks and tiny roads. It takes around an hour and a half.

Start by turning right out of the gîte gate and heading down the hill. Proceed straight onto a narrow track after passing the last house on the right. As you descend, be cautious of loose ground with rocks.

Turn right under the railway tunnel at the bottom of the hill, and after about 20 meters, take the right hairpin bend onto a track.

Walk along this track for approximately one kilometre until it intersects with a road. Please put your dog on a lead for the next 2-3 minutes.

Upon reaching the road, turn right and walk for about 30 meters. Pass through another railway tunnel and immediately turn left to pick up the track again. After approximately 100 meters, just before the track ascends toward the railway line, take a wooded path to your right.

Follow this path through the enchanting tunnel formed by hundreds of skinny mossy trees until it gradually peters out. At this point, veer right, across a brook, and then turn left onto another track.

Eventually, this track meets a narrow road. Since it's quite rural, there's no need to put your dog on a lead yet. Continue uphill until you reach the church and chateau. Of all my dog walks in the Dordogne valley, this one is the steepest!

A beautiful yellow stone church in the foreground with the Chateau of Masclat in the background
Masclat Church and Chateau

Proceed past the chateau and walk along the small avenue of trees. Please put on your dog lead for the next 2-3 minutes.Turn left onto the main village road and then take the first track on the right, opposite the war memorial, and follow it behind the houses.

A winter scene of pollarded trees with a dog walking down the avenue next to a chateau
The avenue of trees next to Masclat chateau

After passing the restaurant ‘Chez Nicole’, turn right again and follow a tiny road through the cemetery. Continue along this lane for approximately 500m before crossing a road, and then continuing straight ahead for another kilometre, passing behind the gîte garden, until you reach the second small road. Turn left here and you'll arrive back at your gate after around 200 meters.

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