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Dog walks in the Dordogne Valley - St Julien de Lampon

Updated: Jan 30

This 5.8km super easy flat walk is great for snuffling dogs amid the peaceful countryside. It takes around an hour and includes a country road although there is minimal traffic.

Park up in the village of St Julien de Lampon and make your way to the village church to begin.

With your back to the Church walk down the lane away from the village; after a couple of hundred metres there is a little water treatment building, take the right hand fork here, along the track. You'll have the river Dordogne on your right, and there are a few stretches where you and/ or your pooch could take a paddle in the summer when the water level is low.

You'll see lots of walnut and chestnut trees along this route, along with some corn, asparagus, and other goodies depending on the season. This is one of my favourite dog walks in the Dordogne Valley as it beautifully showcases the changing of the seasons.

After about 2km turn left onto Route du Port and then take the first left onto Route de la Rivière.

As you walk back towards the village along this little road, glance up to the right to see the imposing structure of the Château de Fénelon. This is definitely worth a visit during your stay. Finally as you get close to St Julien look across the river and up to your left to see Chateau Rouffillac - beautiful!

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