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Just 15 minutes away

Gourdon is a beautiful small medieval hill top town just a short drive from the gite. There are tiny alleys aplenty, and due to the fact that its a hill top town, by the time you've made it to the top you've basically had a free workout too :)

The views from the top are pretty amazing at any time of year, but its particularly impressive at the moment, with brilliant blue skies and verdant greenery all around.

As well as the lovely architecture there is a hidden garden - down zig-zag alley(!) a beautiful church, and a number of lovely shops, cafe's and restaurants. On Saturday mornings the market comes to town, with stalls spilling from the market square along the high street selling everything from local honey to fresh fish, handicrafts, bread, olives, local wine, cured meats, fashion, plants.......

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