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Long lunch and chateaux

After 8 months of staying at home due to various levels of lockdowns, France finally re-opened restaurant terraces last week to the delight of all! Nothing is more central to the fabric of french life than a long lunch with friends or family, and it was brilliant to see of all the restaurant terraces around the area full, and with queues this week as the reopening coincided with a traditional holiday period.

We returned to the lovely 'La Petite tonnelle' restaurant in Benyac, a stones throw from the picturesque Dordogne river, and amidst quaint cobbled vertiginous streets leading to Chateau Benyac perched on the top of the hill. Despite the weather the food was amazing and the covered terrace kept us (almost) dry from the torrential rain!

After lunch we drove a short way to Chateau Castelnaud to marvel at the history and the majesty of this amazingly renovated castle, again perched high on a ridge facing Chateau Benyac a few miles distant. The weather was kind and we managed to spend a couple of hours taking in the history and the views before the heavens reopened... it has been a wet and wild May!

The day was a relaxed delight to the senses, reminding us how wonderful it is to live here with all of this on our doorstep.

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