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Château de Fénelon

This impressive château just a 10 minute drive from the gîte makes for a great morning or afternoon outing. It isn't as touristy as Château Castlenaud and for this reason feels much more relaxed and free flowing. Saying that there is plenty of history to behold, with plentiful displays so enable you to imagine life in days gone by.

The château is perched on top of a hill with commanding views of the countryside all around. Apparently, the well is 300 metres deep in order to reach the water table - can you imagine having to dig that?!

The château was originally built around the year 1000 before being rebuilt in the 1300's and was at the heart of France-English rivalries during the 100 years war. Today the château is privately owned and the owners continue to restore and care for this slice of history here in the Périgord Noir.

Dogs are allowed, but there is no café - so take a picnic, or come home for lunch!

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