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Pottery in the Lot

I recently spent a relaxing couple of days doing a pottery course here in the Lot department. This is my 3rd course, and it just gets better each time! Holding and shaping the clay is really therapeutic, and when using the wheel I feel quite the professional... until it spins out and falls apart! Well, then you get to start again so it's not so bad!

Jennie Gilbert (link to Pottery course website) is the visiting potter who runs the courses in Lherm, and her sister Fiona produces the most delicious cakes and lunches that really enhance the experience.

You can see the concentration on the faces of the potters below! I find potting to be quite meditative, and getting to try various techniques and decorating styles is great to find out what suits you and what kind of potter you are. Seeing everybody's projects coming together is quite inspiring - it's amazing how creative people are.

The french pottery courses run in May and September each year :)

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