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Lockdown potager

These past 4 weeks have been the strangest of times but on a positive note, I've had time to bring the overgrown potager (vegetable patch) back to life with the help of some rather rustic gardening tools that were languishing in the barn.

I bought a few strawberry plants from the supermarket and then had a selection of seeds delivered from Rural Master in Gourdon as the lockdown restrictions means that garden centres are not allowed to open to the public.

Having never grown anything successfully before, only time will tell if all the hard work of the past 2 weeks will bear any fruit (or veg), but my fingers are firmly crossed that the lovely sunshine and another 4 weeks of time on my hands during lockdown will combine to make my tentative move into gardening successful!

I have found it to be surprisingly therapeutic and feel a ridiculous level of pride as each of my tiny seedlings has emerged! First to appear was some rocket, then basil, followed by broccoli and then cauliflower. I'm still waiting on the coriander, parsley, lettuce and Brussels sprouts but hopefully we'll have a decent crop to share with our guests later this year.

It's amazing what a bit of time and space can lead to :)

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