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Château Castlenaud - a must see 12th century fortress set in the beautiful Dordogne countryside

"Au cœur du Périgord Noir, le château de Castelnaud, bâti sur un éperon rocheux, offre un magnifique panorama sur la vallée de la Dordogne. Fondé au XIIe siècle, c’est un parfait exemple de fortification médiévale. Il abrite aujourd’hui une importante collection d’armes et d’armures. Sur le bastion, les plus puissantes machines de siège du Moyen Âge sont reconstituées en position d’attaque."

"Built on a rocky outcrop in the heart of the Périgord Noir, the Château de Castelnaud offers a magnificent panoramic view over the Dordogne Valley. Founded in the 12thcentury, it is a perfect example of a medieval fortress. Today, the Château houses an important collection of weapons and armour. Along the bastion, the most powerful siege machines from the Middle Ages have been recreated and placed in attack positions."

We visited this impressive château back in August and were mightily impressed by both the château itself as well as the amazing panoramic views from the top of the hill overlooking the magnificent Dordogne countryside.

The Château is around 30 minutes from the gîte by car and is open 365 days per year. It is a vast castle complete with room settings inside to recreate the history of the place across the ages, great for children as there are lots of displays and a few live interactive demonstrations about medieval life. The display of medieval weapons is amazing, with giant trebuchets dominating the outside space. There are many steps to climb and rooms to discover around every corner, with a subtle one way system it feels like you have plenty of space even when it is crowded with visitors.

The village that surrounds the château is perched high on a hill and offers stunning views, as well as plenty of cafes, restaurants and touristy shops. Obviously we stopped for a long lunch!

There's also a walk that stretches for 15k around the countryside, we havent tried this yet but its on our to-do list...

As with most French things, dogs are welcome too so no need to leave them behind :)

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