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A walk for all seasons - around Albas

It was a cold and foggy morning but months of not doing very much due to the lockdown meant that we were desperate to get out into the fresh air. Meeting up with some friends, and plenty of dogs we set out on a circular walk around the Lot valley vineyards.

This walk has a bit of everything, starting with a walk along the side of the meandering river Lot, there is plenty of greenery even in the middle of winter including some fabulous moss covered trees which looked like they were wearing pyjamas to keep out the cold! The dogs found plenty of nooks and crannies to explore and enjoyed being out as much as we did.

After about 45 minutes we turned away from the river and wandered through the flat vineyards - all quiet here with the vines looking like spindly old dead things, amazing to think that in a few months time they'll be covered in leaves and juicy grapes... The scale of the vineyards is impressive with the neat alignment pleasing to the eye.

Then we headed uphill to the pretty village of Albas, so lovely to look at on the climb, but also offering stunning views once you get to the top. As well as the obligatory stone houses and cobble stoned streets synonymous with this area, there is a gorgeous iItalian garden (looking good even in the middle of winter) and a pretty church. Unfortunately, no coffee shop or restaurant due to the lockdown restrictions, but I'm sure during normal times there would be somewhere to sit and have a coffee or a beer.

Finally a short walk back down hill through the village took us back to the car park. All in all the walk took around an hour and a half, and its one that I definitely look forward to doing again later in the year to see how the seasons change the landscape.

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