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Potager - 3 months on

Since discovering an overgrown potager (vegetable garden) at the property at the start of the COVID19 lockdown, my fledgling seeds have (mostly) gone from strength to strength. It's been fun and rewarding, but also a bit of a nightmare keeping on top of the weeding... Plenty to learn for next year, and despite being a complete beginner we are eating something from the garden every day now - I never thought I'd ever be able to say that!

Things to learn for next year:

1 One cabbage plant = 1 cabbage! Only 1 of the 4 or 5 seeds that I planted actually made it to a full plant, so this single cabbage is going to be the most prized of all the fare from the garden once we pick it!

2 Sharing the produce with the birds and butterflies is part of the deal! Next year I'll plant one for me, one for the birds and butterflies.

3 The weeds grow 5-10 times faster than the plants - fact.

4 Home grown strawberries are the best strawberries you ever tasted :)

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