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Autumn and winter walks around the Dordogne river

Since the last of the guests all departed for the year, I've been spending more time exploring the area around Maslcat on foot. I've taken to walking with my neighbours once a week, which has given me the added bonus of improving my french at the same time!

The photos below are taken from 3 recent walks all within 3k of the gîte: 2 were alongside the wide and graceful Dordogne River; and 1 was near to the village of Lamothe-Fenelon, where you can stop for a coffee overlooking a little lake before heading across country via farm tracks and rural roads. I literally saw nobody at all on this walk!

Both of the river walks were really flat, so ideal in the summer too when it's too hot to climb the many hills around here. In one of the photo's you can see the imposing Chateau Fenelon perched high upon the ridge - see the blog post from last December for more on this. There were a few cyclists along this route also, the wide track provides plenty of space for all.

The variety of trees and colours are awesome due to the autumn carpet of walnut and chestnut tree leaves. We also saw some herons scouting out the river, but unfortunately my reactions weren't quick enough to snap them.

I'm looking forward to revisiting these walks over the next few months to see how the landscape changes throughout the seasons.

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